120 Day Loans

120 day installment loans are an extended loan plan where your repayment date is extended to 120 days rather than a typical repayment period of 14 or 25 days. Although 120 day loan plan seems attractive due to its extended payback time, it has high interest rate and some additional fees. You can also repay in the form of installments or partial payments or you can repay the complete borrowed amount along with the interest on the final date of the payment. 120 day loan plan provides you with the four complete months to collect money for repaying your loan.

Payday Loans and Cash Advance

Payday loans are the loans that are taken to fulfill an emergency need and are repaid along with interest after the completion of a certain time period. Payday loans and cash advances help people in bad credit situation.

Bad Credit 120 Day Loans

You can get loans from various lenders even you are a bankrupt or have a default credit profile.

Direct Lenders

You can borrow 120 day loans directly from lenders or you can hire brokers that can act as middlemen between you and the lenders. Getting a loan directly from the lenders results in low interest rate along with absence of any commission fees.

Credit Check

Lenders are usually not interested in your credit profile or credit history while approving your 120 day loans. You can get your loan approved even if you have a worst credit profile or a slim wallet.

Quick and Secure

The fast and easy way to get a 120 day installment loan is to apply online. You can get a loan just by logging on to the lender's website and filling out the form about your personal and bank details.

120 Day Loans

120 day installment loan plan is a way to borrow and spend instant money on your sudden requirement and then to repay the borrowed amount under flexible and easy conditions.

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