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First cash advance can be of great help at the times of financial urgency. Payday loans are easy to avail and are simple and hassle-free. In addition to that, these cash advances are available within just 24 hours after submitting a loan application. These are short term loans that are usually issued against your paycheck. For better clarification, here is an example:

If you are badly in need of money to meet some basic necessities, be it medical bills or education fees,or other emergency payments, but neither your family or friends are ready to help you out, then payday loans are just the perfect solution for you. These are hassle-free loan which will show up in your account just on the next business day. The loan amount is given to you against your paycheck so that at the time of repayment it could be used as security. Usually, this check will be used on the next payday, when you are expecting your salary. However, you need to make sure that there are enough funds in your bank account on the due date.

First Cash Advance Is Easy to Apply for

First cash advance is easy to apply for: you only have to meet the criteria mentioned below and you will be eligible to avail a payday loan. The criteria are as follows:

  • Minimum age limit is set at 18 years. You need to be 18 or above.
  • You have to have a valid bank account.
  • You have to be a full-time employee.
  • You have to have a regular source of income.
  • You have to have a regular monthly salary of at least $1200.

The loan amount depends on your the size of your monthly salary. However, these loans mostly deal with the needs ranging from $100 to $1000. One drawback of such type of loans is that lenders usually charge high interest rate since these are very short term loans and, therefore, they do not require any collateral. But with so many advantages, which definitely surpass disadvantages, one should definitely take the chance.

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